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This website was initially developed as a pathfinder for materials available locally at Western Libraries and London Public Libraries for LIS 9312: Exploring and Understanding Comic Books and Graphic Novels in Libraries.

It was revised and expanded to reach a broader audience and include significantly more material (currently unavailable at the libraries within the scope of the pathfinder) for LIS 9723: Web Design and Architecture.

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The 75 Books You Should Own For DC Comics' 75th Anniversary

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Graphic Novels: Resources for Teachers & Librarians

London Public Libraries

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deviantART: Special thanks to the artists involved in the creation of the art used for the What to Read After Watchmen banner. The work was coloured by deviantART member JPRart, and the original image was created by WildStorm artists Carlos D'Anda, Eddie Nuñez, Jim Lee, Michael Lopez, Oliver Nome, JJ Kirby and Livio Ramondelli. The font "Comic Book" created by Neale Davidson, used in the What to Read After Watchmen website, is available for free download at